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Laser beam expander function of light marking machine

2021-03-08 19:32:56

The beam expander is a lens assembly that can change the diameter and divergence angle of the laser beam. The laser beam emitted from the laser has a certain divergence angle. For laser processing, only by adjusting the beam expander to make the laser beam a collimated (parallel) beam, can the focusing lens be used to obtain a small high-power density spot;

With the continuous development of laser technology, the laser beam expander of (China Fiber Laser Marking Machines Manufacturer) laser marking machine has been gradually applied to laser marking machines, and the beam width product of the laser beam output from the laser is approximately a certain value , When the beam waist radius is expanded x times, this can make the laser energy reach a very high height, thereby greatly shortening the marking time, especially for some more complicated metal marking with high efficiency.

The laser beam expander was first used in the metal marking machine. At that time, the value has been reflected. As the demand for the laser marking machine in the market is getting higher and higher, therefore, it has gradually begun to be widely used in the laser marking machine. Application.

Laser marking machines are often used together with a flat-field focusing lens. The product of spot size and divergence angle is optically invariant. The divergence angle is reduced. Compressing the divergence angle cannot improve the beam quality. The beam quality is the product of the beam waist radius and the divergence angle. The laser energy is accumulated at this time to reach a high value, the spot size increases, and the laser marking machine is often used in conjunction with the flat-field focusing lens. (China Laser Beam Expander Lensand Manufacturer)

In laser ranging, the beam expander must be used to maximize the collimation of the laser in order to obtain the ideal long-distance measurement effect; the beam diameter can be changed by the beam expander so that it can be used in different optical instruments; the beam expander cooperates The use of spatial filters can change the asymmetric beam distribution to a symmetrical distribution, and make the light energy distribution more uniform.