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Laser galvanometer scanning technology

2020-12-07 18:55:34

The galvanometer is simply a scanning galvanometer used in the laser industry, and its professional term is called high-speed scanning galvanometer. The so-called galvanometer can also be called an ammeter. Its design idea completely follows the design method of ammeter. The lens replaces the needle, and the signal of the probe is replaced by a computer-controlled -5V-5V or -10V-10V DC signal , To complete the predetermined action. The same as the rotating mirror scanning system, this typical control system uses a pair of reentrant mirrors. The difference is that the stepping motor that drives the lens is replaced by a servo motor. In this control system, the position sensor is used. And the design idea of ​​the negative feedback loop further guarantees the accuracy of the system, and the scanning speed and repeat positioning accuracy of the whole system reach a new level.

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Traditionally, laser scanning galvanometer and laser are mainly used in fields such as marking and rapid prototyping. This type of system can provide high-quality beams, but the laser power is only limited to the range of one hundred watts. Nowadays, with the emergence of high-brightness lasers such as fiber lasers and disc lasers, and even the use of some low-brightness high-power diode lasers, the application field of scanning galvanometers has been expanded to several kilowatts. The scanning device must be able to handle applications in the high power range-without compromising accuracy and speed!

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By improving the accuracy, speed and laser power, the scanning galvanometer has become a very important tool in laser processing. Its market has expanded from the application range of traditional marking and rapid prototyping to laser material processing in multiple areas, including cutting, welding, surface treatment, polymer welding and other applications. Scanning galvanometer technology and innovative mechatronic design concepts, especially new materials and smart solutions for mirror technology, have adapted to new market requirements.

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Laser scanning is currently used in fields such as laser processing, image transmission, and medical treatment. The laser galvanometer scanning system includes five parts: laser emission device, galvanometer system, control system, PC terminal, and projection screen.