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Laser marking and cutting for the medical industry

2022-02-10 10:37:35

  Laser marking machines are widely used in medicines and medical equipment. The reason is that many medical equipments need to be marked for professional use, medicines need to be marked for easy identification, and laser marking machines are used on medicines to have good anti-counterfeiting properties. It is a non-toxic and harmless non-contact marking, which will not cause adverse effects on medical equipment and medicines. After the laser marking machine is marked, it will not be easily erased. For medical equipment, the basic operation instructions will not be erased.

China Fiber Laser Marking Machines Manufacturer

    Laser equipment used in the medical industry includes fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine, and some equipment also uses ultraviolet laser marking machine, green light and mopa laser marking machine. Different laser marking machines are used on different materials, and the effect is better. Optical fiber and carbon dioxide laser marking machines are used on drug packaging boxes. For better anti-counterfeiting, many drug manufacturers will use ultraviolet laser marking the plastic medicine bottles.

   With the improvement of the public's consumption awareness, it is necessary to mark the production date and drug label. This is not only for doctors, but patients are also paying more and more attention to this aspect. In the future, laser marking will be more important, and the information that the marking machine is environmentally friendly and cannot be easily erased is not available in the previous inkjet printers.

  Medical devices are high value-added products with stringent quality requirements, often requiring challenging industrial manufacturing processes. For these reasons, precision cutting equipment has been widely used in the field of medical equipment manufacturing. It has high cutting efficiency, small heat-affected zone, no damage to the cutting body, no burr formation, exquisite and firm slits, and cutting of different shapes and thicknesses. The process has the advantages of high flexibility, good biocompatibility and mass production.

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