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Laser marking cosmetic products to enhance brand influence

2022-03-03 15:26:07

In recent years, cosmetics have become more and more popular, With the improvement of modern people's living standards, cosmetics have almost become the standard configuration of most female friends and even male friends, but at the same time, they are also worried about buying fake cosmetics. In order to improve the quality and brand influence, cosmetics companies are paying more and more attention to the packaging design of cosmetics and the anti-counterfeiting of products. Various packaging formats and materials such as metal cans and glass bottles present challenges for manufacturers when it comes to coding and marking.

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The traditional ink-jet marking logo can be easily erased and cannot achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. In order to obtain better results, more and more cosmetic manufacturers choose laser marking technology. Since the laser marking machine can form a very small spot after focusing, the workpiece can be partially irradiated with a high-energy-density laser to vaporize the surface material or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, which can print various characters, symbols and patterns on cosmetics, production date, etc., the character size can be from millimeters to microns, and the marked graphics, text, and serial numbers are clear, wear-resistant, and a long-term marking method to achieve anti-counterfeiting.

The laser marking machine can fully meet the fine processing needs of the cosmetic industry. During the processing of cosmetics, the laser marking machine does not need to contact the cosmetic surface, so it will not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the cosmetic surface, and will not damage the product itself. For the current cosmetics industry, choosing a laser marking machine for marking is undoubtedly a good choice.

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