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Laser technology-changing the quality of life

Laser processing technology and laser equipment are closely related to our lives. Sometimes, lasers are far out of ordinary people’s vision, such as: laser weapons on the battlefield, remote laser welding in automobile manufacturing, laser processing of solar cells, aerospace manufacturing, high-speed rail production, airplanes Manufacturing etc. Sometimes, it is like a shadow, such as: mobile phone case text, logo, computer keyboard characters, hardware engraving, barcode laser scanning in supermarkets, fast and convenient fiber broadband network at home, and weird laser dances on the show. It can be said that laser equipment penetrates into all aspects of life and improves our quality of life.

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The connection between laser and daily life

In life: Induction cookers, TVs, computers, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, kitchen knives, frying pans, milk bottles and other daily tools. Brand logos, text introductions, performance introductions, barcodes, etc. on these things are almost all lasers. The marking machine is up. The laser marking is beautiful and not easy to be worn. The traditional ink printing or paper labeling has long been outdated.

In the era of non-smartphones, many of the character logos on the buttons of mobile phones were processed by laser technology. In the era of smart phones, in addition to laser spot welding, laser cutting, and laser engraving technologies that are widely used in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, there are also Laser focusing technology that can make mobile phones take pictures faster and focus, and laser smart projection technology that can project virtual touch screens on the desktop and project mobile phone videos/pictures on the wall. As an advanced processing method, laser technology shows more and more advantages in precision processing.

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Laser equipment changes the way people travel

The cars, trains, subways, high-speed rails, ships, airplanes, and even spacecrafts that we usually see are inseparable from laser equipment. In manufacturing, laser marking machines are needed to mark parts, codes, texts, etc., and laser cutting is required. Machine cutting frame, steel plate, glass, car door, plastic, etc. requires laser welding machine to weld frame, door and window, engine, cylinder, sensor, etc., and 3D laser precision measuring machine to measure the size of engine and parts. Without laser equipment, manufacturing cars, high-speed rails, and airplanes would be impossible.

Laser technology improves production efficiency

Laser equipment is widely used in electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical packaging, precision equipment, jewelry and other hundreds of industries. Laser equipment can quickly improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce costs for manufacturers,  this is an unmatched advantage of traditional production and processing equipment.

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Of course, there are still many parts of laser equipment that are related to our lives. For example, various industries or products such as medical beauty, laser weapons, information dissemination technology, laser TV, etc. require laser technology. It can be said that our lives have been The laser "ruled".