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Laser technology in solar cell manufacturing

2021-01-28 14:25:51

Solar cells directly convert light energy into electrical energy (photovoltaic energy) through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect, and play an important role as a renewable energy source. Lasers and laser processing technology play an important role in solar cell manufacturing, especially high-performance ultra-short pulse picosecond lasers and systems, which can not only help manufacturers improve efficiency, but also optimize processing techniques.(optical system for laser processing onsolar cell

At present, solar cells can be divided into silicon solar cells, nanocrystalline solar cells, organic solar cells, multi-compound thin-film solar cells, polymer multilayer modified electrode solar cells, etc. depending on the materials used.

Among them, crystalline silicon solar cells are the leading products in the photovoltaic market. In the manufacturing process of crystalline silicon solar cells, lasers are mainly used for wafer cutting and edge insulation . In the laser edge insulation process, a laser-assisted doping process (doping) is used to prevent a short circuit between the front and back of the battery and cause power loss. More and more lasers are used in laser-assisted doping processes to improve carrier mobility.

The thickness of the film used in thin-film solar cells is only a few microns, so it can save a lot of materials in production. In the manufacturing process of thin-film solar cells, lasers play a decisive role. Throughout the manufacturing process, the laser structured the battery and connected it into a module, and performed the corresponding etching treatment on the module to ensure the required insulation performance.(Optics lens for laser etching)

Laser technology has broad application prospects in the production of solar cells, and its selective, non-contact processing technology is superior to other processes. (Optical lens for onsolar cell) As the cost pressure facing solar cell production increases, high-power, high-performance lasers will be used in mass production. The widespread adoption of ultrashort pulse laser technology will definitely reduce the production cost of solar cells.