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Metal 3D printing personalized medical devices

2021-06-08 19:19:17

At present, the application of personalized manufacturing of metal additive manufacturing in medical devices is extremely prominent.

On the one hand, it is used to print implants/prostheses with individual requirements or complex structures that mimic the principle of bionics. These implants are accurately controlled by 3D printing technology to effectively realize the synchronous reconstruction of the external contour and internal structure to meet the high matching of the patient's local anatomy. Among them, the biocompatible titanium alloy material is an important processing Materials, printed porous structure implants, can better integrate with human tissues.

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On the other hand, metal additive manufacturing technology can also be used to tailor the precision components required for implant surgery for patients. For example, South China University of Technology has successfully developed personalized assistance for surgical operations using laser selective melting technology (SLM) Guides.

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3D printing is very suitable for personalized custom production and small batch production

Personalized and small-batch production has become the current development trend of the manufacturing industry. Metal 3D printing gets rid of the key technical link of mold manufacturing. Parameters can be adjusted at any time, and small batches or even single-piece products can be processed at a lower cost and shorter cycle. produce. In addition to the medical device industry, it also has great application potential in other industries.