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Scanning mode behind the objective lens of laser marking machine

After the laser beam is broken and expanded, it first passes through the laser marking focusing system to form a convergent beam, and then through the deflection of the scanning system to form a scanning point on the working surface, which is the scanning behind the objective lens of the laser marking machine.(Post objective scanning on sale)When the static focusing method is adopted, the focusing surface of the laser beam after passing through the scanning system is a spherical surface. If the center of the working surface is the tangent point between the focusing surface and the working surface, the farther away from the center of the working surface, the distance between the scanning point on the working surface The greater the focus error.

If the defocus error of scanning in the entire working surface can be controlled within the range of the depth of focus, a static focus method can be used. For example, in the UV curing rapid prototyping equipment with a small working surface, the long focus method can be used to ensure that the focus spot is small, and the defocus error of the scanning point in the entire working surface is within the focus depth range. In selective laser sintering rapid prototyping equipment, CO2 lasers are generally used, which has a longer wavelength and it is difficult to achieve a large focus depth under a small spot. Therefore, dynamic focusing is generally used when the scanning area is large.

Post objective scanning system

The dynamic focus system of a laser marking machine is generally composed of a movable focusing lens and a stationary objective lens.(Post objective scanning price China) The objective lens amplifies the adjustment function of the focusing lens, so as to control the focus spot of the scanning point within a certain range in the entire working surface. Inside. The scanning mode behind the objective lens of the laser marking machine can perfectly control the laser beam to work, and the effect is very precise.