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The role of laser marking machine in the wine industry

2020-09-29 18:40:37

Wine is one of the oldest beverages for mankind, and it is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea.

In the past, the wine industry had high processing requirements due to the fast processing speed, the swaying of the bottle body during the processing, and the relatively humid processing environment, which required extremely harsh conditions for both traditional marking methods and laser marking.

Focusing lens for fiber cutting head

Now with the technical upgrade of various hardware, the development of laser technology, and the continuous improvement of the level of automation, the application of laser coding in the wine industry is gradually becoming wider, and the excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing traditional processing methods and assembly lines. The lowest speed can reach about 800 bottles per minute, which basically meets the requirements of most wine production lines.

Using the current laser marking machine, a very high-energy laser beam is used to focus on the surface of the beer glass bottle. Under the action of the high-energy laser, the surface layer is physically vaporized in a very short time, leaving a smooth and textured surface on the surface. Mark the pattern, and can also control the effective displacement of the laser beam, and accurately mark the exquisite pattern text on the surface of the beer bottle.

Fiber laser marking machine

Compared with traditional marking, laser marking machine may be more expensive than traditional equipment. However, laser marking can leave a clear and textured permanent marking pattern on the surface of the bottle of wine. At the same time, it cannot be altered by friction. Good has the effect of anti-counterfeiting marks, which is undoubtedly not a favorable processing method for the now highly competitive alcohol industry.

With the continuous upgrading and improvement of current laser technology, the service life and performance of the laser have been greatly improved. Like the current fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, and ultraviolet laser marking machine, the marking content is clear and the scope of application is clear. Wide, and low maintenance cost; I believe that in the near future, the application of laser in the beer industry will become increasingly widespread.