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Welding robots, as industrial robots, do not feel tired and exhausted for 24 hours

2020-06-24 10:47:00

Welding robots have experienced rapid economic development and improvement in recent years. Network computers have gradually entered thousands of households. In order to meet the needs of the public, more and more welding robots have been developed and manufactured. Come out, there are various kinds of robots, including arc welding robots, electric welding robots, automated robots and so on.

Its welding robots are mainly used in industry to automate welding. In the past, when welding various metals, people welded and cut manually, but this manual method would not only waste people's time and energy, will also greatly reduce people's work efficiency. Therefore, in order to provide people's work efficiency, electric welding robots have been gradually developed and manufactured. In this case, what kind of performance does this welding robot have?(Galvo head laser welding manufacturer china)

The performance of welding robots is many. First performance is that it is different from human beings. As an industrial robot, he will not feel tired and exhausted for 24 hours, and has been working and living all day long.

The second performance is that it is greatly shortens people's work cycle and greatly improves the work efficiency of their production.

The third performance is to combine the network and computer technology, welding is accurate, there will be no errors, and there will be no waste of materials, etc.

Welding robot and other components are used to assemble a welding robot workstation, where the robot body is the core part. In addition, there are welding power supply, fixtures, gun cleaning system, fence and displacement device, walking device, swing Platform and other peripheral equipment. The reasonable combination design of these components can meet the different characteristics and production needs of the product

Compared with ordinary welding equipment, the obvious characteristics of the welding robot table are precision, stability, and advanced. It can complete the welding of various workpieces in different combinations. Because in actual production, the workpiece needs to be displaced during welding, so that the weld can be welded at a better position. For this situation, the motion of the positioner and the motion of the welding robot are combined, and the motion of the welding gun relative to the workpiece can meet the requirements.(1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine)

At present, common combinations of welding robot workstations include single robot single station, single robot double station, single robot three station, double robot single station, double robot double station and so on.