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What are the functions of laser lenses? How to maintain and purchase?

2021-10-08 17:14:51

In the modern age where industrialization is so advanced, laser cutting machines are widely used around us. Then, what kind of equipment is laser cutting machine? We need to understand its important components, in order to understand which parts of the laser cutting machine are consumables, so that we can be aware of when choosing a machine. The optical lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is a consumable product. In order to prolong the service life and reduce the use cost as much as possible, the maintenance and cleaning of the lens must be strictly regulated. Next, Carmen and Haas introduces you to the functions, maintenance, and some elements that should be paid attention to when buying laser lenses.

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1. Function

Every laser cutting machine needs a laser lens to work normally. It consists of three mirrors and a focusing mirror. The laser passes through the focusing mirror through three reflections to produce lasers with production functions. Therefore, the laser lens is our laser cutting An important part of the machine's work has an important role in optical transmission and energy transmission.

2. Maintenance

The laser lens is the most "squeaky" part of the laser cutting machine. Anyone who has experience knows that the laser lens cannot be touched by hand, and it is especially clean. When cleaning it, it must be scrubbed with alcohol. Use tweezers or clamps to remove the non-optical surface. Once the laser lens is damaged, it may cause irreversible effects, and once there is dust or oil stains, it will also affect the production and processing. Therefore, pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the laser lens. Maintenance and regular replacement.

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3. Select the elements

When choosing a good laser lens, it is very important. The laser will be attenuated after multiple reflections. If the selected lens is not good, it will cause more attenuation and affect the working effect and efficiency of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, , When choosing a laser lens, you need to choose a good quality laser lens that has been coated.

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In daily use, after a new lens is installed, it should be cleaned regularly. The service life of the laser can be maximized, and the number of lens replacements can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost of use. Of course, cleaning lenses can't be the same as cleaning glasses, you must pay more attention. If the cutting effect is affected, the lens needs to be replaced in time. During the replacement process, the placement, inspection, and installation of optical lenses must be done so that the lenses are not damaged and contaminated.