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What is the dimming and focusing of the laser marking machine?

2021-05-26 18:51:12

The basic understanding of the structure of the laser marking machine is conducive to better operation of the machine in the later stage to achieve the perfect marking processing effect. After the laser marking machine is installed, it needs to be dimmed and focused before processing, so as to achieve perfection. The marking effect of the laser marking machine. Today, CARMAN HAAS will solve the problem of dimming and focusing of the laser marking machine.

Optical path adjustment of Laser Marking Machine Supplier:

1. Red light collimator and adjustment frame: The red light collimation adjustment frame has four knobs, which are vertical, horizontal, left and right, up and down fine adjustments respectively. The left and right coarse adjustments are realized by the movement of two M6 screws (tōng guò) Regulated.

2. Total reflection lens and adjustment frame: The two knobs are adjusted vertically and horizontally, and left and right are realized by moving the frame. The difference between a half mirror and a total reflection mirror is that the color of the half mirror is slightly darker, and the color of the full reflection mirror is slightly darker. The color is slightly lighter.

3. Q switch and adjusting frame

4. The structure of the laser includes crystal, krypton lamp, metal cavity, Q-switch water inlet, water return, laser water inlet, and water outlet.

5. The height of the laser is realized by adjusting the six screws at both ends of the metal cavity, and the left and right sides are adjusted by moving the bottom plate.

6. Semi-reflective lens and adjustment frame.

7. Beam expander and adjustment frame.