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What is the function of the optical lens and the imaging law?

2021-08-16 10:45:05

The function of the lens in the optical system is: focusing, collimating and imaging. The lens usually needs to be coated with anti-reflection coating to reduce the reflection on the surface of the lens, which can reduce the loss of light energy and make the image more clear.

China Optics lens for fiber laser

A lens is an optical element made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.), which affects the curvature of the wavefront of light. It is a device that can converge or disperse light, and the resulting images have real and virtual images. It is widely used in various fields such as security, car wearing, digital camera, laser, optical instrument and so on.

Various common colorless optical glasses including fused silica, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, silicon, germanium, zinc selenide and other materials; and plano-convex lenses, double-convex lenses, plano-concave lenses, double-concave lenses, and super Hemispherical lens, small spherical lens, meniscus lens, cylindrical lens, rod lens, cemented lens, etc.

Aspheric Fused Silica Focusing lens

The imaging law of the lens

1. The lens is represented by the lens symbol (a line segment has two V-shaped signs at both ends), the main optical axis is drawn, the optical center, and the focal point are marked according to the two refracted rays of the three special rays of the lens (usually made light The intersection point between the central light and the light parallel to the main optical axis is better, and the characteristics of the image formed by the lens (such as virtual reality, size, front and back, etc.) can be obtained.

2. When the lens is imaging, all the light shining on the lens from each point on the object is imaged in the same position, blocking a part of it, and does not affect the imaging of other light rays to the lens, so the complete image can still be seen. But because the light hitting the image is reduced, the brightness of the image on the screen will become darker.

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