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Will laser marking technology replace the traditional marking process?

Jessica 2017-06-23 13:56:58

Laser marking technology and mimeograph, compared to the traditional markers such as laser marking technology behind many birth time, but in a short time, marking the market rapidly occupation, and become one of the most widely used technique in laser processing market, has fully replace traditional tag technology trends.
  Laser marking is the use of high energy density of laser beam in the processing of material surface, make the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark of a marking method.
The laser marking advantage is obvious
  Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking technology has obvious advantages. First of all, the marking speed is more than the traditional marking process, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Secondly, the design of the laser marking machine is clear and never worn, and its lines can even reach the size of millimeter to micrometer and have powerful anti-counterfeiting function. Again, the laser marking machine adopts the non-contact processing mode, which minimizes the thermal influence and avoids the deformation of the processing materials.Fourth, the laser marking machine has the advantages of no consumables, no environmental pollution and a single forming, which effectively reduces the risk of production cost and environmental pollution.
  Because its has incomparable advantage over traditional marker, laser marking machine has been widely used in the field of various materials processing, including plastic products, handicrafts, food packaging, PVC board, PCB, bags etc. Nonmetal industries, as well as the precision instruments and meters, coal machinery, auto parts, household appliances and other metal industry, there are some special materials, can see the figure of the laser marking machine.
As the government push forward the reform of the "supply side", strive to improve the quality of enterprise products, to meet people's growing material life demand, therefore, replace the traditional way of marking laser marking technology will become the inevitable trend.