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Application of Laser Processing Technology in Railway

2022-03-09 15:45:12

With the rapid economic development, railways are closely related to people's daily life and are one of the important components of transportation hubs.

In order to effectively improve the operational efficiency of railways, aluminum alloy materials are now used in the manufacturing process of passenger cars. Because aluminum alloy materials have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, smooth appearance, complex curved surfaces, and high specific strength, they can effectively reduce the weight of passenger cars. Resistance and mass, adding heavy loads. In order to effectively improve the processing efficiency of aluminum alloy materials and ensure the safety of passenger cars, it is necessary to change the traditional processing methods and use laser technology for processing and manufacturing.

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The application fields of laser technology in railway passenger car manufacturing are mainly in the areas of blanking of plates and profiles, welding of key components, material transportation of automatic production lines, and logo transplantation. .

Laser technology processing can not only effectively ensure the firmness of the rail train, but also use computer control to effectively control the yield of the processed workpiece, and the surface of the processed workpiece will not be lost during processing, with a beautiful appearance and different sizes. can be precisely controlled.

Laser equipment changes the way people travel

Humans have evolved from walking on all fours to walking upright, and then to transportation, which proves that science and technology have always promoted the development of human civilization. In addition to railways, the cars, ships, airplanes, and even spaceships that we usually see are inseparable from laser equipment. In production, laser marking machines are required to mark parts, codes, characters, etc., and laser cutting machines are required to cut the frame, steel plates, glass, doors, plastics, etc. laser welding machines are required to weld frames, doors and windows, engines, cylinders, sensors, etc., and 3D laser precision measuring machines are required to measure the dimensions of engines and parts.

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Laser Technology Improves Production Efficiency

Laser equipment is widely used in hundreds of industries such as electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, food and drug packaging, precision equipment, jewelry, etc. Laser equipment can quickly improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce costs for manufacturers. It is an incomparable advantage of traditional production and processing equipment.