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Application of additive manufacturing in different filed

2021-03-18 16:53:50

Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing. Since additive manufacturing appears, it has been used in many filed. Through computer’s control, needed materials and the machine, you can get any object you want in a very short time. Due to the feature that additive manufacturing produce object from bottom to top, it can make the impossible and complicated structure come true.

Additive Manufacturing Optical Lense(Additive manufacturing China Factory)

Additive manufacturing are mostly used in international space, navy and aerospace. Since additive manufacturing can produce complicated structure, it is the perfect choice for these three filed that require precision machinery. Especially in aerospace that astronaut need to work in space without many supplies, additive manufacturing can fulfill the need of self-sufficiency.

In medical flied, additive manufacturing can produce human model to help people see clear about the details in human body. On the other hand, it can even produce viscera, veins and bones which can cure many patient.

SLM Optical System Supplier China

Nylon material printing for Additive manufacturing Processing

Additive manufacturing is also used in housing construction, automobile, electronic industry, clothing and so on. Additive manufacturing make production more convenient and more customized which improve people’s living stander. CARMEN HAAS provide the component of additive manufacturing that you need. You can contact us anytime to get the perfect component you want.