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How are optical glass lenses polished?

2021-03-16 19:18:19

With the continuous expansion of market demand for optical consumer products, the gradual popularity of liquid crystal displays and touch screen mobile phones, the optical glass processing industry has also developed day by day, and the polishing process is an indispensable and important link in the production process, and it has also achieved unprecedented results. Upgrade to adapt to the advancement of optical lenses.

Optical lens/lens, usually a lens made of optical glass or other special materials, generally refers to a lens that can transmit and adjust visible light. Optical lenses must be measured by optical instruments to check purity, transparency, uniformity, refractive index and chromatic dispersion. Whether it meets the specifications, the qualified glass block is heated and forged to form an optical lens blank.

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Optical glass substrates are usually processed by cutting, rounding, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edging, coating, gluing, and ink coating. After the optical lens is finely ground by the abrasive liquid, there is still a thick cracked layer on the surface. The method to eliminate this cracked layer is polishing.

The polishing of optical glass is an extremely messy process, and the influencing factors are also extremely messy. There are three mainstream polishing methods for optical lenses, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing. All three types require polishing powder or slurry. Generally, the slurry is used for rough grinding, and the polishing powder is used for precision grinding of optical lenses, surface glasses, natural crystals, liquid crystal displays, various prisms and mirrors.

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