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How to choose the lens of laser cutting machine?

2021-07-30 10:44:11

Today, laser equipment is more and more widely used, and many companies already have a large number of laser equipment, such as laser welding machines, laser marking machines, and laser cutting machines. During the use of these equipment, the selection of some consumables is directly related to the cost and product quality. For example: xenon lamp, krypton lamp, protective lens, especially the loss of protective lens. The main function of the laser protective lens is to prevent dust and splashes from damaging the focusing lens. However, if the lens is not selected properly, it will cause large laser loss, frequent damage to the protective lens, unstable product quality, and cause serious losses to the enterprise.

Today, CARMAN HAAS (China Laser cutting machine lens factory) introduces how to choose the protective lens in the laser cutting machine

Three steps to choose the protective lens of the laser cutting machine:

1) Matching dimensions, this is easy to understand;

2) Material, according to different laser power and considering the cost of use, you can choose K9, quartz. In the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide these two types of materials into multiple grades, and customers can choose the corresponding specifications according to actual needs;

3) Coating, laser anti-reflection coating, using different coating technical parameters according to the use environment.

In addition to being used in laser cutting machines, protective lens it is also necessary in other laser equipment, including laser marking, laser welding and laser engraving.

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