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What is the reason for the water mist on the protective lens of the laser cutting machine?

2021-08-02 14:27:01

During the cutting process of laser cutting machine, auxiliary gas is indispensable! Among them, oxygen and nitrogen are commonly used. Of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the cutting quality. However, there is always water mist on the protective lens during the cutting process, and the cutting quality is very poor. Why is this?

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Analysis of the causes of water mist on protective lenses:

In order to save costs, air cutting is used to protect the lens from water mist. The air is provided for the cooling and cleaning effect of the laser lens and the cutting lens to prevent pollutants from being reflected from the air nozzle. However, the air contains a lot of moisture and impurities. If it is not cleaned, it will cause great harm to the optical components.

There is a temperature on the protective lens when it is working, and it will condense when exposed to water, and astigmatism will appear, resulting in insufficient laser focusing strength and accuracy, which will seriously affect the cutting quality. After a long time, the focusing lens or the protective lens will easily break. The air pipe used to blow air is very close to the protective lens. When water is available, it is easy to spray on the protective lens when spraying through the air outlet. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a desiccant to cooperate with the air compressor to filter and drain water, but it is not All dryers can guarantee the use of laser gas. Therefore, the dryer is the culprit of water mist in the laser cutting process.

So how do we choose the dryer matched with the laser cutting machine? The common dryers on the market are mainly refrigerated type and adsorption type:

1. Refrigerated dryer: Due to technical limitations, refrigerated dryers are generally used for compressed air that is not demanding. Because the pressure dew point of the cold dryer can only reach 3℃, it can't meet the air dryness requirement of the laser cutting machine.

2. Adsorption dryer: If there is no liquid water at the air outlet, you can only choose an adsorption dryer. The pressure dew point of the core adsorption dryer can continuously and stably reach -40℃, and the highest can reach -80℃, which can fully meet the needs of laser cutting processing.

While saving costs, you must not choose too bad air compressors and dryers, otherwise the instability of cutting will lead to waste of materials, which will cause greater losses.

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