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How to use focusing lens correctly?

2021-07-01 18:26:46

The working environment of the focusing lens of a laser cutting machine can also be said to be very harsh. It is affected by smoke and slag during cutting, and dust is easy to adhere to the focusing lens. When the mirror surface is dirty, the light transmittance of the focusing lens becomes low and the heat absorption becomes high. If the cleaning work is not done well, the lens will become easy to burst. So how to use the lens that can extend the focusing lens correctly? Let's share some methods of using the focusing lens of laser cutting machine:

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1. Generally in the laser-sealed light path, dry, oil-free, dust-free positive pressure air is used to ensure that dust and impurities in the atmosphere cannot enter the light path, so as to prevent the pollution of the optical lens;

2. For ultra-high-speed piercing, you can spray piercing oil before piercing, so that the slag will not fall to the torch part vertically, but to the side. Thereby reducing the damage to the lens;

3. The waste residue generated during the operation of the laser cutting machine causes the auxiliary air to blow down from the cutting nozzle, thereby greatly reducing the damage to the lower part of the focusing lens by the waste residue;

4. Use ultra-high-speed perforation as little as possible, and use conventional perforation to extend the service life of the focusing lens.

Generally, the focusing lens is cleaned and maintained every time before starting work. When cleaning the focusing lens of a fiber laser cutting machine, clean wipes and optical-grade solvents are often used to prevent damage by other contaminants.

The wipe paper must be moistened with a suitable solvent, and it must not be used dry. In consideration of softness, the usable wipes are pure cotton Webril wipes or applicators such as cotton balls, lens tissues, and cotton swabs.

In addition to the nozzle, the focusing lens is the accessory that is close to the processing surface when the laser cutting machine is working. Although the focusing lens is a very small part, it is one of the core components of the laser cutting machine, which affects the processing of the laser cutting machine. Efficiency and quality.

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