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Laser cutting machine parts-the role of the nozzle?

2021-07-02 12:01:27

The cutting head of the laser cutting machine: mainly includes the cavity, focusing lens holder, focusing lens, capacitive sensor, auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts. With the acceleration of the industrialization process, the development and wide application of laser cutting technology, the position of the nozzle in the laser cutting machine is undoubtedly very important, because the use of the nozzle will have a great impact on the laser beam.(China Fiber Laser Cutting Nozzle Supplier)

So, what is the function of the nozzle, one of the parts of the laser cutting machine?

The first is to collect the capacitive signal and transmit it to the signal processor through the ceramic ring. The signal processor sends a signal to the machine control center. The machine control center gives feedback according to the signal and adjusts the position of the laser head in the vertical direction to keep track of the distance between the laser head and the workpiece during the cutting process;

The second function is to use its internal shape to guide gas through the workpiece to be cut and to generate high pressure near the nozzle outlet. The smaller the nozzle outlet hole, the higher the pressure generated. In the case of oxidative cutting, high-pressure oxygen passes through the nozzle, and part of the working surface is oxidized by the same cutting member to provide heat to accelerate cutting; the other part passes through the cutting surface at high speed, taking away the slag and maintaining a proper shape on the cutting surface. The pressure ensures smooth cutting.

The third function is to protect the internal lens of the laser head. In the laser cutting process, especially when punching holes, slag is often sputtered. The high-pressure gas blown from the laser head nozzle can block most of the sputtered materials and protect the lens from damage.

The laser head nozzle is a commonly used consumable part on laser cutting machines,adopts a simple structure, that is, a tapered hole with a small round hole at the end. Usually design with experiment and error method. Since the nozzle is generally made of red copper, it is small in size and has vulnerable parts that need to be replaced frequently.

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