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Laser technology is an important part of industrial manufacturing

my country has always been a major heavy industry country and has been known as the "world factory". With the transfer of the global manufacturing center to my country, the market demand for CNC laser cutting machines in my country has grown at an annual rate of more than 50%. CNC laser cutting technology has gradually replaced traditional processing methods in the field of thin plate processing with its flexibility and flexibility. Moreover, after years of development, my country's laser cutting technology and equipment have grown from scratch, and have gradually formed a certain industrial scale. The future market demand for laser cutting technology will become larger and larger, and it will blossom in various industries of industrial manufacturing.

Car manufacturer
The development of the automobile industry puts forward higher requirements on the quality of the car body. Laser welding and cutting technologies are not only superior to traditional processing methods in terms of processing quality, but also production efficiency has been significantly improved.
The whole process of laser welding in automobile manufacturing mainly includes three types, namely: laser tailor welding of unequal thickness plates; laser welding of body assemblies and sub-assemblies; and laser welding of auto parts.

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What laser cutting technology brings to the shipbuilding industry is metal processing with excellent production efficiency, excellent production quality, ultra-short production cycle and lower production costs.
In the field of shipbuilding, laser cutting avoids the need to set a trimming allowance on the ribs to ensure the assembly gap when the plasma is blanking the ribs, and the trimming is performed manually, resulting in uneven trimming quality. occur. Thereby reducing assembly workload, assembly cycle, material and labor costs.

The marine steel plate cut by laser has good cutting seam quality, good verticality of the cut surface, no slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no secondary processing, direct welding, small thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy, and reduced coordination Working hours, to achieve barrier-free cutting of high-strength ship plates.

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Aircraft manufacturing
It has applications in many aspects of aircraft engine manufacturing. Laser cutting technology needs to be applied to the intake of aero engines to exhaust nozzles. The use of laser cutting technology has solved many problems such as the cutting of difficult-to-process materials, high-efficiency machining of large-scale thin-walled parts, high-precision cutting of part blade holes, and special surface parts processing.
It has strongly promoted the development of aviation vehicles in the direction of high performance, light weight, long life, short cycle, and low cost, which has added a lot of power to the development of the aviation industry.

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With the development of industries such as shipbuilding, aviation, and automobile manufacturing, laser technology has infiltrated and become an important part of the manufacturing process. The application of laser cutting technology has greatly improved production efficiency while effectively solving the problem that its high precision cannot meet. In the future, China's laser technology will still have a lot of room for development, and technological innovation capabilities will drive the development of laser technology to a new level, enabling domestic laser technology to enter the world's advanced laser technology as soon as possible.