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What are the application industries of telecentric lenses? What kind are there?

Telecentric lenses are widely used in laser scanners, image measuring instruments, online testing, medical equipment, automation equipment, machine vision, microscopy, etc. It does not vary with object distance, so there is no distortion and image placement errors of 3D features like those seen with standard lenses. Even objects inside deep holes are clearly visible in the entire field of view, so telecentric lenses are very effective when inspecting three-dimensional objects or when image size and shape accuracy is important. It is especially suitable for precision measurement occasions.

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There are three types of telecentric lenses:
Object-side telecentric lens: The aperture diaphragm is placed on the image-side focal plane of the optical system. When the aperture diaphragm is placed on the image-side focal plane, even if the object distance changes, the image distance also changes, but the image height does not change. No change occurs, i.e. the measured object size does not change. The object-side telecentric lens is used for industrial precision measurement with minimal distortion.
Image-side telecentric lens: By placing an aperture diaphragm on the object-side focal plane, the image-side principal ray is parallel to the optical axis, so that although the installation position of the CCD chip changes, the size of the projected image on the CCD chip remains unchanged. Because only the light parallel to the optical axis can be incident on the CCD/CMOS chip, there will be no shadows in the image, and the camera can obtain uniform light.
Telecentric lens on both sides: It has the advantages of the above two lenses.

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