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How to protect skin and eyes from laser damage?

2021-03-04 11:31:03

The damage of laser to human body mainly includes damage to eyes and skin. Among the laser damage, the damage to the eyes in the body is the most serious.

Damage to the eyes
The brightness of the laser is dozens of orders of magnitude higher than the brightness of the sun and the arc, which can cause serious damage to the eyes. If the eyes are directly irradiated by the laser, due to the intense heating effect of the laser, it will cause damage to the retina, causing vision loss, and even instant blindness in severe cases. Even a low-power laser beam, such as a He-Ne laser of several milliwatts, can cause damage to the fundus tissue due to the light focusing effect of the human eye. The reflected light of the laser has the same danger to the eyes, especially when cutting materials with high reflectivity, the degree of damage to the eyes caused by the strong reflected light of the laser is equivalent to that of direct irradiation. In addition, the diffuse reflected light of the laser will cause chronic damage to the eyes and cause vision loss.

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Damage to the skin

If the skin is directly irradiated by the laser, especially the focused beam, it will burn the skin, and this kind of burn will be difficult to heal. The laser power density is very large, the damage is greater, and it can cause severe burns. Visible and infrared laser radiation can cause erythema on the skin, which then develops into blisters. Very short pulses, high peak power laser radiation will char the skin surface. Long-term diffuse reflection of ultraviolet light and infrared light can cause serious consequences such as aging, inflammation and even skin cancer of the human skin.

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So how to avoid

1. Wear a mask and protective glasses when using it to prevent cutting dust from entering the human body
2. No people or other debris are allowed in the machine's motion range
3. Avoid staring at the cutting head for a long time

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Eye protection: According to the wavelength of the laser, protective glasses with appropriate optical density must be selected to strengthen the protection of the eyes. You cannot rely on protective goggles, and you cannot look directly at the laser beam even if you wear protective goggles.

Skin protection: Wear long-sleeved work clothes made of flame-proof materials. In the laser controlled area, install the curtain and light barrier made of flame-proof material and coated with black or blue silicon material to absorb ultraviolet radiation and block infrared rays.