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Welding process parameters that affect the quality of laser welding

2021-01-22 10:36:39

The welding process parameters that affect the quality of laser welding mainly include: laser power, welding speed, lens focal length, focus position, shielding gas, etc. Laser power and welding speed are the most important parameters that affect welding quality. The welding thickness depends on the laser power, which is about 0.7 power (KW). Generally, the power increases, the welding depth increases; the speed increases, the penetration becomes shallower, and the welding The slits and heat-affected zone are narrowed, and productivity is increased.(Laser Welding Machine 800W/1000W Supplier)

In the process of laser welding, welding fixtures are mainly used to accurately locate and reliably clamp welding workpieces to facilitate assembly and welding of welding workpieces, ensure the accuracy of welding structures, and effectively prevent and reduce welding thermal deformation.

Welding equipment Jinmi laser welding machine usually consists of laser, light guide and focusing system. These systems have a certain influence on the quality of laser welding. The lasers used for welding mainly include pulsed lasers and continuous lasers, and the most important performance is output power and beam quality.
The most important requirement for the quality of the laser in welding is the stability of the beam mode and output power. The lower the beam mode order, the better the focusing performance of the beam, the smaller the spot, the higher the laser power density under the same laser power, and the welding depth. The greater the ratio. The better the stability of the laser output power, the better the welding consistency.

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The light guide and focusing system are mainly composed of optical fibers, collimating (beam expander) mirrors, reflecting mirrors and focusing mirrors to realize the functions of beam transmission and focusing. Under the action of high-power lasers, the performance of these optical parts may be deteriorated and the performance may be deteriorated. The overrate decreases, resulting in a thermal lens effect (the focal length of the lens changes due to thermal expansion). If there is surface contamination, it will increase the transmission loss and may even cause the damage of the optical parts. Therefore, the quality, maintenance and working condition monitoring of the optical parts are very important to ensure the quality of welding.

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The processing accuracy, assembly accuracy and cleanliness of the workpiece state of the gold dense laser welding workpiece are generally not added with filler metal because the laser spot is small and the weld is narrow. If the assembly gap is too large, the beam will pass through the gap and cannot melt the base material, or Causes obvious undercuts and depressions. Therefore, the gap between the assembly gap and the spot of the plate should not be greater than 0.1mm, and the misalignment should not be greater than 0.2mm. Of course, for workpieces with higher welding quality requirements, the processing of welding workpieces The accuracy and assembly accuracy are also higher, especially for manual assembly before welding, to ensure the height difference of the welding position, the assembly gap and the cleanliness of the processed parts.